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Beautiful tree in my living room - hand painted wall decoration

Hello every one.Well, this summer I was very busy. I didn't have to much money, so I was a painter in my house, of course, with my husband. It was necessary to paint the whole house. So, I was thinking- what is the best solution, and what should we do?
I decide for our living room to be colored grey. 
But when we finished , I didn't like it. It was ''could''. But, we love a warm atmosphere in our home.
A few days I was so nervous because all of that mess. 
Then I turn on the music,  and the  inspiration came. I have started to draw a  black tree with beautiful pink and violet flowers. And it was beautiful.


1 comment:

  1. The wall was very simple and ordinary, but when I drew the tree , and when I matched the colours with the pillows, hmmmm...