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Trendy rubber boots inspired by motives from Pirot kilims- Gumene cizme sa motivima pirotskog cilima

This beautiful rubber boots  made in Tigar a.d. company  from Pirot, Serbia,  in partnership with “Lady’s Heart

'' Maniera '' boots, inspired with motifs from Pirot Kilim were first presented at a charity auction in White Court in Belgrade in cooperation with  Princ Aleksandar Karadjordjevic II and princess Katarina   .The boots were maded in Tigar corporation from  Pirot , Serbia,  in cooperation with '' Damsko Srce "

At the recent cultural industry Expo in Xi’an, China creative industry leaders from Serbia  were presented for the first time with participation of the Creative Economy.

The most attractive were rubber boots '' Maniera '' with motives from Pirot Kilim maded in cooperation with '' Damsko srce ''

Gumene cizme sa motivima pirotskog cilima

''Maniera" cizme, inspirisane motivima pirotskog cilima, prvi put su predstavljene na humanitarnoj aukciji u Belom Dvoru u Beogradu, organizovanoj u saradnji sa NJ.K.V. Princom Aleksandrom Karadjordjevicem II i NJ.K.V. Princezom Katarinom. Cizme su izradjene u kompaniji ''Tigar'' iz Pirota u Srbiji, u saradnji sa udruzenjem ''Damsko srce''.

 Na sajmu kulturne industrije u gradu Sijanu u Kini po prvi put su predstavljeni lideri kreativnih industrija iz Srbije. 

Najatraktivnije su bile gumene cizme '' Maniera '' sa motivima pirotskog cilima koje smo uradili u saradnji sa udruzenjem ''Damsko srce”










Fashion paper doll - Lutkica od papira

  If you love fashion , as I do, you can create your own fashion style. When I was a little girl, I prefere to colouring wardrobe for fashion paper dolls. This is Luna, paper doll that I have made. If you love to draw, and you love fashion,    draw your own paper doll, and  create wardrobe for her as I did.  Like this.

Lutkica od papira 

Ako volite modu, kao sto je ja volim, mozete kreirati svoj modni pravac . Kada sam bila mala, najvise sam volela da bojim garderobu za lutkice od papira. Ovo je Luna, lutkica od papira koju sam ja nacrtala. Ako volite da crtate, i volite modu, nacrtajte sami svoju lutku i kreirajte garderobu za nju kao sto sam ja uradila. Evo ovako.


What do you need?

 Paper and pencil.
 First you have to draw  model. If you don't know how, you can draw  contour of some girl from newspapers .

 Sta vam je potrebno?

Olovka i papir.
Prvo morate da nacrtate model.
Ako ne znate kako, precrtajte konture nekog modela iz novina.

Paint the model, and then put the paper through the drawn model and draw the contours wardrobe. Draw and accessories that will help you to hang clothes on a doll.

Obojte model , a zatim postavite papir preko nacrtanog modela i prema konturama nacrtajte garderobu . Nacrtajte i dodatke pomocu kojih cete kaciti garderobu na lutku.

My fashion sketches on graphic tablet

My shoe design drawn on graphic tablet

Fashion sketches




Restoration of furniture and hand painted details

This is my husband's grandmother's furniture. It was very old and damaged '' piece of wood'' . But , we needed something for our kitchen,  because we didn't have enough space for our dishes, glasses, cups...

But, also, we didn't have money for new one, so , as usual , we decide to do something after our will  - to restore as we would love to . And this is our final result.
 I hope that you like it.


Hand painted detail on the wall in the bedroom


Hand painted marble imitation